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The Fondazione Menarini is launching a new bibliographic service for physicians. The goal is to provide a repository of the latest research on diseases that most affect the population and which internists most frequently encounter.

The service will doubtlessly be of interest to a range of specialists from various disciplines involved in the medical care of patients, from prevention to treatment to diagnostic challenges.

The INTERNAL MEDICINE area of the Library will include top journals, focusing mainly on diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia, thrombosis and coagulopathies, endocrine and metabolic diseases, inflammation, autoimmunity and rheumatism.

Each month, selected articles will be displayed in the repository, some with commentary by experts in the field.

The team at the Fondazione Menarini hopes that the initiative will be useful to professionals who always seek the best in patient care.

by Josep Redon Mas

Introduction to the Internal Medicine Area by Professor Josep Redon Mas

Introduction to the article "Gestational Glucose Intolerance and Risk of Future Diabetes" by Professor Sergio Martinez-Hervas

Dott. Josep Redon Mas

Internal Medicine Section director

Emeritus Researcher

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